6 Inexpensive Ideas To Promote Your Business

5 August 2015
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The key to any successful business is promotion. To grow your business, you need to bring in more customers. But if you're business is new, you might have a low advertising budget. You also don't want to spend a lot of money because you're still learning what works for your business. Here are six ways to promote a business on a budget:

1. Host a class.

Hosting a class is an easy way to draw people to your business. There is a class for every business. If you're a bookstore, host a writing class. If you're an art store, host a painting class. If you have a special skill or talent, teach the class yourself. This gives potential customers the opportunity to get to know you, your business, and your passion.

2. Give away items.

Every month, hold a raffle or other kind of contest to give away items. Display custom banners the week before the giveaway to get a buzz going. The items you give don't have to be expensive. The idea is to bring many people to your store.

3. Use a commercial sign.

Well designed, professional, and eye catching commercial signs put your business above the competition. Signs set the tone for your business, and are the first thing potential customers look at. A company like Mission Signs can give you more information.

4. Target groups.

Find out who your target customer base is and target groups that fit that profile. Network and become involved with these groups. If you sell health products, join a hiking club. If you own a bookstore, join a book club. Don't constantly pitch your business to the group. Make friends and the customers will follow.

5. Give coupons.

Customers love discounts and deals. There's no better and easier way to provide deals than by offering coupons. People will be more willing to take a chance on your business. This is the perfect opportunity to show customers why they should stick with your business.

6. Stand out.

Allow street graphic artists to use your storefront as a canvas. Dedicate one side of the building for murals. The stunning, incredible artwork will draw people's eyes to your business and make them curious. They will want to see what your business is all about. Even if people don't come inside, word of mouth will spread about your amazing storefront.

These are six inexpensive ways to promote your business.