A-Frame Sidewalk Sign: Using Strategic Advertising To Gain Customers

13 January 2016
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Have you started a food truck business but can't seem to get the attention of potential customers? The best way to gain new customers is through strategic advertising, which can be done in many ways if you invest in an A-frame sidewalk sign. Find out in this article how an A-frame sidewalk sign can be used for strategic advertising in an effort to build your customer base.

What Makes an A-Frame Sidewalk Sign Good for Strategic Advertising?

There are several features that an A-frame sidewalk sign has that are good for advertising your food truck business. One of the features you can benefit from is the sign will be able to travel with you everywhere you go, and you won't have a hard time putting it inside of your truck. Another beneficial feature is you can advertise your food items in various ways on an A-frame sidewalk sign. For instance, you can advertise by using the sign as a chalkboard, letter board, or can even purchase posters and banners to post them on the A-frame sign. If you keep your advertisement unique on a daily basis, potential customers might spark an interest in what you are selling.

How Advertisements On an A-frame Sign Be Strategically Made?

One of the strategic ways of advertising would be for you to make sure the important aspects of the content stands out in large print. You can either write the large print on your own by using chalk or markers, or you can get posters printed with large letters to hang on the A-frame sign. If you are selling the food on your menu at unbeatable low prices, make sure the prices stand out on the sign, so people will know how much bang they can get for their buck. You may even want to hang a banner directly on the food truck with large print on it.

What Does It Cost to Get Signs for Advertising?

If you want temporary signs for hanging on an A-frame sidewalk sign, expect to pay a minimum of $50 or more. What is printed on the temporary signs will have an effect on the overall price, as well as if they are constructed out of paper, vinyl or another material. An A-frame sign that can be used permanently is estimated at $300 and up. Invest in signs for your business so you can use strategic advertising to gain customers!

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