2 Ways To Prepare For Your Your Next Fundraiser

6 July 2016
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Are you trying to raise funds for a good cause? If so, you may be planning out a special fundraiser event within your community where hundreds of people can attend and possibly donate some of their money to help support the cause. Before the event takes place, there are some items you may want to have ahead of time to bring along with you.

1. Make Custom Baskets for an Auction

If you would like to raise as much money as possible, you will need to have something to offer to those who attend the event. Consider making custom baskets and putting them up for auction. Guests can choose to buy as many tickets as they would like to get with the hope of winning at least one of the baskets. The money each person spends on tickets for the auction will go to a good cause.

There are many great items you can buy ahead of time to use in these custom baskets. Some of the different items you may want to add to the baskets include:

  • Mini puzzles
  • Bath and shower gel
  • Xbox One/PlayStation 4 games
  • Makeup
  • Wine

It is best to put as many desirable items together in these baskets as possible to make them more appealing to the public. Even if you sell one ticket to the auction for a dollar each, you can easily raise thousands of dollars if you have enough people in attendance who are interested in trying to win those goodies.

2. Have a Vinyl Banner Created for the Event

You want people to know what the event is about and who will benefit from the money you are trying to raise, whether it is for breast cancer, pediatric cancer or even ALS. One way to make sure people know that a fundraiser is taking place in the neighborhood is to have a vinyl banner made specifically for the event. You can start by choosing the width, length and shape of the banner.

Once you have decided on its shape and size, you will need to focus on choosing the design and figuring out what it should say. You can choose a simple design with basic colors. The banner company may add clip art images next to the text to make it look even better. You should have the name of the fundraiser displayed on the banner, along with the important details that tell people more about the event. For example, you may want to tell people there are live auctions taking place. It is a good way to get more people in the neighborhood to attend.

Raising funds for a good cause takes determination and effort, but it is a rewarding experience. If you are planning a fundraiser, consider preparing auction gift baskets and having a vinyl banner created specifically for the event ahead of time.

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