Promoting Your Small Business With Your Vehicle: Tips For Great Signage

6 July 2016
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Using your vehicle to promote your small business locally is a smart move. Custom vehicle graphics or even large magnets you can place on the side of your car can be inexpensive, highly visible to the public, and extremely effective. In fact, your vehicle advertising can be seen up to 70,000 times a day- that's quite a bit of exposure. Whether you choose to place a custom graphic on your back window or want to cover your entire vehicle in your company logo, you want to make sure you make the right impression with your current and future customers. Here are tips for great signage you can use.

Be bold but not too flashy

The goal of car advertising is making a quick and lasting impression on other people as they drive by or walk past your car. This means you need to make a bold statement, but try to avoid being too flashy or else you can send a mixed message. Your custom graphic should include a company logo along with your business name in large, bold print (preferably white, yellow, or other lighter hue if you have a dark vehicle or black, blue, or even dark green if you have a lighter car). Also included along the side of your vehicle or in your back window should be a company phone number, website, or social media link. Avoid too much verbiage in your graphic design as well as distracting patterns or designs.

Create a 'call to action' statement

Even as your custom vehicle graphic sends a message about your business to your current and potential customers, you want to make sure it leaves them wanting to know more. Your graphic should include a 'call to action' statement that makes people want to get to know what your business is and who you are. Try these statements:

  • Learn more at (insert social media page/website)
  • Free consultation
  • Discover (insert company name)

You want to give people a reason to call your company over others. Whether you offer an incentive such as free items or services or you incite curiosity by openly inviting people to explore your business, you can create a more positive effect on your potential customer base when you provide a 'call to action' statement.

You want to promote your small business in a healthy way, which can be done by letting your vehicle do the advertising for you. When creating your graphic for your car, make sure you are putting the right verbiage on your sign to get the best results. Talk to a company like Vital Signs to learn more.