Three Reasons To Get That Neon Sign Repaired

12 July 2016
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Have you noticed recently that the neon sign outside your storefront or place of business is not working like it should? If getting it fixed is not on your list of immediate things to do, or you think you can do it yourself, you need to reconsider. Here are three reasons to not only get your neon sign repaired sooner rather than later, but have it done by a professional.

A New Transformer Will Reduce Your Electric Bill

If your sign no longer lights up like it once used to, it may be due to a burned-out transformer. More than likely if you have an older neon sign, it has an electromagnetic transformer instead of an electronic transformer inside of it. You'll be glad to know that once the new electronic transformer gets installed inside the sign, you could save up to 66% on your electric bill. Most sign repair companies have the appropriate equipment to test the transformer to ensure that's why the sign no longer works.

A Broken Sign Is Bad for Business

If you own a business, chances are you want to appear to be professional. Having a broken neon sign that no longer lights up, or one where only some of the letters or words light up, doesn't look so good. As the most visible forms of advertising, signs are a great way to promote your business. When your sign is broken, it makes you look less credible and it could prevent new customers from coming inside your place of business.

Repairing a Neon Sign Yourself Might be Dangerous

If you think you can repair your neon sign yourself, you might want to think again. Transformers in neon signs can have anywhere from 4,000 to 12,000 volts which means it could potentially knock you down if you don't know what you are doing. This can be especially dangerous for people who have a weak heart or who have a pacemaker. Another potential danger is that the neon tubes inside the sign are very fragile. It wouldn't take much to break one which would then increase your chances of getting hurt by cutting yourself.

By getting your sign fixed as quickly as possible and by a professional, you can save money if the transformer gets replaced by an electric one, you won't lose any more potential customers, you'll maintain your credibility, and most importantly, you won't endanger yourself in any way. Continue reading more online.