Having An Open House? Two Tips To Help You Create Catchy Signs

17 July 2016
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If you're a real estate agent who has an upcoming open house, you understand that one of the key initiatives is to get potential buyers in the door.  Although it is certainly wise to advertise online and send out reminder emails to clients that have indicated interest, it's also equally important that you have the right signs in place when the day arrives.  Use this information to learn about two tips that can help you create catchy signs that bring in the crowd.

Use Color To Create Urgency

One of the first considerations you'll need to make concerns the colors of your signs.  You want to use colors that create a sense of urgency so that even people who initially ride past the signs feel compelled to turn around and visit your open house.

For example, the color red has long been used by fast food chains to stimulate the appetites of patrons.  Red encourages excitement and movement, and these are two emotions that you definitely want to stir up in the people who see your signs.

The color red is also a good choice because it will likely stand out from other colors in the environment that surround the signs.  Red is attention grabbing, and that is the key to getting a good crowd going when you hold your open house.

Play With Shapes To Create An Image

Another tip that can help when crafting real estate signs is to use shapes to create a certain image.  You want to make the house you are marketing seem to be unique and special, and the signs you select may be the key to helping you achieve this.

Instead of using the traditional square or rectangular shapes for your signs, go with an arch or dome shape.  This can add a regal, sophisticated air to your open house that may be just what a potential buyer is looking for.

Conversely, if you want to build up a modern or contemporary aura, consider using sharp triangles or diamond shapes for your signage.  These shapes are eye-catching and somewhat exotic, and can whet the appetites of those who see the sign, making them feel compelled to come to your open house.

Choosing the right signs for your open house could be the key to driving more traffic to your open house.  When you're planning your event, keep these tips in mind so you can select the signs that help the house get noticed.  For more information on real estate signs, consider contacting companies like The Sign Source.