Surprising Ways to Use Signs for Your Business

19 July 2016
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Do you own a business? If so, the following points are a few suggestions you can use to incorporate signage that does more than advertise into your business. These options go beyond the traditional signs you are likely used to seeing.

Boost employee morale.

As a business owner, you may envision "dream employees" as those who are eager to work at your business location and give their best work every day. You can use signs to encourage a desirable work atmosphere. For example, you could post signs that have meaningful quotes and messages that let your employees know their work is appreciated. You may even want to consider a sign that announces the employee of the week, month, or year. 

Express company culture.

Wall murals are a good option for expressing the core values and goals of your business. They can serve as reminders for everyone who enters your business premises, including you. If you work in an industry where being conservative matters, reserve one wall that expresses your business culture and vision. Since the mural will only take up one wall, you could benefit from considering colors other than black and white. Make the wall vibrant and exciting, but be mindful of the verbiage used. 

Test the market with mobile advertising.

Perhaps you have dabbled with other forms of advertisement, such as magnetic signs for company vehicles and billboard advertisements. There are many companies that utilize these types of advertisements. If you want to leave an impression that lasts longer than your competitors', consider vehicle wraps as a replacement for magnetic signs. You can test the strategy by starting with one company vehicle and review sales to determine if you increase business revenue or add new customers during your test campaign. If so, you may want to consider more vehicle wraps for company vehicles. 

Remind others of a long business presence in your area. 

Perhaps your business has been in your city for many years. You can use this long history to incorporate a sign in your business that reflects on the history of your business from years prior to the present. Vignettes are a good sign option for this approach, and you do not need to worry about figuring out the right words for this type of sign because the graphics should tell the story through visualization. 

A sign manufacturer is a good resource to use to determine more ways you can strategically use signs for your business. Perhaps you have a few ideas that you have not seen any other businesses in your area using. A manufacturer can help you by making your dream sign a reality.