The Monstrous Approach of Using Hallowen-Inspired Signs Could Move Overstock Clothes Off Store Shelves

18 August 2016
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Advertising has to be catchy and interesting in order to draw in customers. Selling clothes in a retail store is not always easy because it can be tough to come up with new and interesting advertising displays. One way to give sales a boost is through taking advantage of the holidays. The winter holiday season is the most commonly successful time of the year to promote sales but, as the saying goes, "Christmas comes but once a year." So does Halloween, a holiday associated with over-the-top costumes and not regular clothing. Avoid dismissing putting an All Hallows' Eve spin on indoor and outdoor signage. With a little creativity, Halloween images could be used perfectly in retail clothing signs to move out some slow-selling overstock.

A Horrifyingly Humorous Touch

Connecting Halloween horrors with clothes is going to rely on a little bit of humor in order to succeed. The Frankenstein Monster won't be all that effective with moving clothes absent a tongue-in-cheek presentation. The goal here is to catch eyes with familiar monster images and then make a pitch for the clothes with a sly angle. There are a few ways to do this.

Formal-Wear Dracula

The "King of the Vampires" is known for his dapper dress. An image of an impeccable-looking Dracula in his tuxedo and cape, along with a sign with the words "Dress right for the nightlife" could give someone pause for thought about buying some after-hours formal or even casual wear. You can order advertising signs from companies such as Signs BY Tomorrow

Casual-Clothes Mummy

The Mummy is known for wearing tattered old bandages. When trying to move overstock casual dress, a picture of The Mummy gives an assist to the promotion of clothes perfect  for "lying around the house." Old-looking casual clothes may get a second opinion once The Mummy makes a recommendation.

Rugged-Apparel Wolfman

When a human being turns into a werewolf, their clothing really has to be durable so as not to tear apart. Customers of outdoors clothes want something that won't fall apart even during the most treacherous excursions. Who would be better than The Wolfman for providing  a celebrity endorsement for the most rugged of outdoor clothing?

The Halloween Sales Boost

Yes, this is a fairly atypical way to promote clothes, but the added benefit makes it worth the effort. Anyone having trouble moving overstock or an inventory may wish to give such a campaign and its accompanying advertising signs some thought. After all, getting the shelves cleared out by October 31st means more space for newer inventory when the big holiday season arrives.