Three Ways To Improve Your Business Exterior

17 November 2018
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Your streetside business needs to be attractive to passersby if you want to attract walk-in traffic. This is especially true if you operate in a commercial shopping district where there are lots of pedestrians as well as small shops vying for their attention. First impressions matter, so it's vital that you put the appearance of your business exterior at a high priority. The following guide provides a few tips and ideas to keep the outside of your business attractive and welcoming.

Don't ignore the sidewalk

For a streetside business, it can be easy to ignore the sidewalk and simply consider it public property. This is a mistake, since in the minds of potential customers this area is simply an extension of your business. Make it welcoming by sweeping it at least once a day so garbage and dirt doesn't build up. During the warm months, you may even want to hose the sidewalk down to further ensure it looks clean and pristine. Consider adding accessories to make the area seem more inviting—a bench to rest or a large decorative item, such as two potted plants framing the business entrance—work wonders for improving the appearance. Just make sure accessories such as these are placed in a manner so they don't interfere with traffic nor impede those window shopping.

Focus on window dressings

Window dressing is an old retail profession that has fallen by the wayside, particularly with smaller businesses. The good news is you can still hire window dressers and window dressing consultants if you think you need a little help with putting together an inviting window display. The even better news is that this is a skill you can teach yourself through experimentation and study of basic design principals. If you are new to upping your window dressing game, start with a simple theme. This can be anything from a basic color scheme to a display of items for a specific purpose, such as a day at the beach. Start with an anchor piece, which should be centered and eye-catching, then choose accessory items to display that complement the theme and the anchor piece.

Use awnings to stand out

Awnings used to be a normal accessory for a streetside business, but they have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Take advantage of this to make your business stand out. An awning in an attractive but eye catching color draws more attention to your business. Plus, it makes your business more inviting when people are seeking shade on a hot day or protection in rainy weather. You can even have the awning printed with your business name and logo so you stand out even further. Fabric awnings are a common option that work well for many businesses, but you can also opt for a metal awning if you prefer something with more longevity and fewer maintenance needs.

For more help, consult with services that help with the exterior design issues, such as a local business awning service.