Tips For Adding A Sign To Your Business's Exterior

31 May 2019
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A business's sign will be one of the most visible parts of the building. This will contribute to a tremendous importance for businesses to ensure that their sign has maximum visibility. However, it is also important to balance this need against some practices that can help to avoid potential problems with installing and maintaining this sign.

Be Mindful Of The Nearest Electrical Connection

A business sign that is illuminated will be far more visible. However, it will need to have a connection to the electrical system to be able to function. When choosing where to position the sign, it is important to be aware of the location of the nearest electrical connections. By positioning the sign close to these connections, you can help to simplify the process of installing the sign as you will reduce the amount of wiring that needs to be done. While solar panels can help to reduce the amount of power these signs may require, business owners should typically avoid completely relying on solar power for these signs. This is due to the limited capacity that a small solar power system will have, which can put your sign at risk of losing power.

Ensure The Sign Is Properly Supported And Anchored

Large commercial signs can be remarkably heavy, and it is important to make sure that the sign is installed on a surface that will be able to support this weight. When the wall cannot support the weight of the sign, it may cause the sign to be at risk of falling as well as potentially causing deep cracks to develop in the wall. Lastly, if the sign is not properly anchored, it may be at a much greater risk of coming loose during periods of strong winds, and this can pose a major safety hazard. Avoiding these problems will require the sign to be professionally installed. Professionals will be able to make sure the sign is positioned in a spot where it will be properly anchored and supported.

Regularly Inspect The Sign Once It Is Installed

Business owners are often guilty of the mistake of failing to regularly inspect their business's sign. This can put them at a risk of discovering that the sign has suffered minor damages that have developed into substantial issues. For example, birds nesting on the sign can allow sizable amounts of droppings, nest debris and other materials to damage the exterior of the sign. Eventually, these materials may lead to permanent staining that can force you to replace sections of the sign. By regularly inspecting your business's exterior sign, you can identify and correct these problems while they are still simple and inexpensive repairs to make.

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